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Progressive Jackpots

Generally,progressive jackpots are the most exciting because the coins that are put into each slot machine (there are multiple slots that are all linked) will cause the jackpot to increase with every second that ticks by.This is known as progressives because multiple contributions all go into one main jackpot, causing the jackpot to constantly progress. This offers players the opportunity to win an incredible amount of money all at once.

When someone wins the jackpot, it is then reset and speedily builds up its fortune once again. It doesn’t start from $0, (for example), but will start-up from a pre-selected amount such as $10, 000. The jackpot increases by a certain percentage that is set by the casino, meaning – not every coin deposited by players ends up in the jackpot. This is for obvious reasons:  the casino still needs to make some sort of a profit, after the jackpot has been won because this is how the casino makes its money and is thus able to survive.

To win a progressive jackpot, you’ll need to get (depending on the slot) a certain amount of the same symbols or a set-out combination of symbols, such as two cherries, two pineapples and a strawberry, for example, lined up across the various reels. While you play, there will be a meter on the screen that will display the constantly escalating amount of the jackpot and this is where the name progressive jackpot comes from.